What to Do If You Notice Bubbling & Peeling in Your Walls

Holes or cracks in walls are common household imperfections to tackle, but they're not the only eyesores homeowners strive to repair. Often, paint begins to blister, crack, and peel, leaving unsightly blemishes that inevitably convey a look of decay. 

Understanding the causes of bubbling and peeling — and knowing exactly how to remedy the problem — is essential to preserving the aesthetic of any room.

Here, we'll walk through the why behind this widespread issue, and key strategies for righting the wrong.

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Why Does Bubbling and Peeling Occur?

When paint starts to bubble or peel, it's commonly the result of shifts in temperature. As the seasons change and warm weather sets in, added heat and moisture causes paint to lift from drywall. At first, you'll see minor bubbling. Over time, the adhesion between the two materials becomes so weak that the paint peels off entirely.

In more serious scenarios, bubbling might be a sign of leaking. Conduct some due diligence to ensure the source of a potential leak is properly taken care of. 

Here’s How to Fix It

Bubbling and peeling isn't pretty, but there's a simple fix! First, remove all blistering paint from your wall. Then, grab some mending agent to smooth over the affected area. Sand and re-paint if necessary, and you're done!

Looking Forward: Your Ideal Preventative Measure

While an instance of peeling paint has a quick fix, it's important to ensure you won't have to deal with the same problem spot again. The best way to avoid repeat blemishes? Use a weather-resistant, waterproof, and heat-resistant mending agent so changes in temperature and moisture levels — or the presence of harsher weather when dealing with exterior paint — have no effect on the longevity of your repair job. (Good news: SafeMend Mending Agent is all three.) 

Spring is right about the corner, which means rises in temperature and moisture levels will soon put your indoor and outdoor walls at risk of bubbling and peeling.

Don't wait for the seasons to officially change! Get ahead of the issue by stocking up on  SafeMend Non-Toxic Wall Mending Agent today.

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Happy fixing!

SafeMend™ Team


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