3 Repair Projects to Tackle Before Winter

Three Repair Projects to Tackle Before The Winter Season

With October upon us and autumn's chill briskly setting in, we know the coldest winter months are right around the corner. Before you divert your attention to bundling up, hunkering down, and focusing on the holidays, make sure your home is up to standard . After all, no one wants frost creeping in to ruin a cozy night! 

To make things simple, we've outlined 3 important household projects to tackle now-consider this your pre-made checklist. That way, you're extra prepared and able to enjoy the elements of life that matter most—not battle the elements.

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Don't Land in Hot Water [But...Do]: Double-Check Your Water Heater and Pipes

Before temperatures drop, take some time to evaluate your water heater and pipes for normal wear. Check the temperature and pressure relief valves to avoid too much buildup, and make sure both the tank and pipes are properly insulated to prevent heat loss and reduce energy costs over time. Water heater tanks can also experience residue accumulation over time, so if your heater is on the older side, a routine cleaning can ensure your system will work reliably and efficiently when you need it most. 

Bring on the Warmth: Survey Your Siding

Your home’s exteriors are constantly up against the elements, and their finishes inevitably deteriorate over time. Ahead of winter, be sure to assess all siding for signs of diminishing protection and rot. Re-caulking and refinishing will strengthen your home's ability to weather the cold, and save you time and money doing more costly repairs down the line.

Drafts Be Gone: Ensure Windows and Walls Are Properly Caulked

And of course, siding isn't your home's only line of defense; your windows and exterior walls need extra attention, too. Don't let a chilly night be your first alert to a draft in the house! Survey all areas where the cold might creep in, and identify cracks or leaks in the weather-stripping around frames. If necessary, set aside time to properly seal or patch the affected part of your house. You'll stay toasty and save money on your winter energy bills.

Don't let winter weather surprise you! Make sure you have some SafeMend Mending Agent on hand when you complete your due diligence, so you can jump into household repair projects without skipping a beat. Your home will be winter-ready in no time.

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Happy fixing!

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