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3 Ways to Upgrade Any Freshly Repaired Wall

Having a clean, fresh wall is one of the biggest satisfactions for remodeling or repairing your home. If you’ve been using SafeMend™, that feeling is even better, with a smooth finish that keeps your wall strong and makes the perfect foundation for painting and plaster. 


Of course, while a blank wall can be serene to look at, it can often become pretty dull to look at as well. Sometimes, breaking up the open spaces of your painted walls can be a great way to uplift a room and make your home feel renewed and refreshed. 

So, once you’re done using our easy-to-use mending agents to get your walls back to their best, why not try spending some time thinking about what you can add to them to make the space pop with new life? SafeMend™ takes a few minutes to dry anyway, so it could be an excellent way to wisely spend those few minutes thinking about what’s coming next!


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We’re going to look at the best three ways that you can upgrade your walls and bring a fresh look into your home without breaking the bank in the process. 

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1. Getting Artsy 

Walls are designed for a few things; first, they keep the wind and the wilderness out from your home, they give your roof something to stand on, and they create those mysterious spaces in your home we call “rooms.” 


Of course, that’s not all that walls are meant for. Having a wall without some art on it is kind of like having an empty plate without any food. 

Regardless of whether you go for a frameless canvas, an ornate landscape, or an intimate portrait, having a work of original art can be a fantastic way to improve any wall immediately. Using a quality mending agent, a well-painted and repaired wall can be the perfect backdrop for any work of art and make your home a location to enjoy rather than simply live in.


2. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Introducing a mirror into a space can be a great way to instantly make a space feel bigger and brighter without installing a skylight or a new window. 


Mirrors, by nature, reflect any light coming on them and essentially double the amount of natural light available in the room. When positioned adjacent to a window, a mirror can be a fantastic way to make any space feel more spacious and elegant quickly.

3. A Family Affair

The best way to make a simple house into a home is to focus on the people living inside. So while it’s great to have local art and chic mirrors decorate your freshly repaired and painted wall, the best thing to mount is always some family photos! 

So, while your wall is quickly drying from being repaired, using a certain special non-toxic and 100% chemical-free wall mending agent, you can focus on the essential things in life and figure out which embarrassing family portrait looks best in your home.

If you have any other questions about wall repair or SafeMend™ Wall Mending Agent’s benefits, don’t be afraid to contact our team here

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