Wall cracks can be a serious eye-sore for homeowners. A giant crack running across a wall is generally not what people have in mind when they think of a “feature wall”. The good news is, you don’t have to hire an expensive professional to come and fix it. Usually, you can fix a wall crack yourself. Minimal tools are required, but having the right ones, and the right products, can make your job a lot easier.

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Our team at SafeMend is here to share four solutions for fixing a wall crack without professional help:


1. Use the right tools

There aren’t many tools required for fixing a wall crack, and the ones you do need are usually affordable. You may already have some of the recommended tools, such as a ladder, rags and a dust mask. Other than that, a utility knife, sandpaper, a scrapper and a mending agent such as SafeMend are the main tools you will need for getting the job done.


2. Use SafeMend

The best way to fix a wall crack is to use a mending agent. Our team at SafeMend have created a non-toxic mending agent that is 100% safe for the environment and humans. Other mending agents can contain harmful chemicals such as Benzene. Over a long duration of exposure, you can potentially get Benzene poisoning. SafeMend is the safest mending agent to use when repairing a wall crack and is also very effective.

3. Fixing cracks in plaster and drywall

The surface of most interior walls will have a drywall or plaster wall. The most common cracks in walls occur in this kind of material. The process for fixing wall cracks is generally the same for drywalls and plaster walls. 

Firstly, you need to prepare the wall crack. This may sound ridiculous, but before you apply a mending agent, you should make the wall crack wider. Using the scraper that comes with SafeMend, or a utility knife, you can widen the wall crack slightly, which gives the mending agent more surface area to bond with. Once the wall crack is prepared, simply apply SafeMend in the crack, and with the scraper, smoothen the surface.


4. Painting over cracks

The mending agent you use to fix your wall crack may be a different color to the wall itself. A splotch of mismatched colors could be more of an eye-sore than the crack itself. Don’t worry though, painting over a fixed wall crack is an easy process.

Once the bonding agent you have applied to the wall crack has dried, you can start sanding down the surface. The idea is to make it as smooth as possible. A DIY tip for you is to use your fingers to feel for any small bumps or ridges. Your fingers can sense the bumps better than your eyes can see them! Painting over a sanded and smooth surface ensures a perfect finish to fixing your wall crack. 


With these helpful tips, we hope you have the information needed to fix your wall cracks! By using SafeMend, you can ensure the job is done right the first time. Our team has developed a mending agent that is toxic-free and 100% safe.


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Happy fixing!

SafeMend™ Team


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