This month is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s also a perfect time to get a jump start on home maintenance or anything in your home that may need sprucing up! Here’s five activities to consider to get your home refreshed this season!


When it comes to home cleaning you may have it under control. However, months may have gone by where some areas may have been missed by your usual cleaning routine. Now is the time to go that extra mile and dust or vacuum out-of-the-way nooks and crannies— including all those too high to reach places! It’s also a good time to dry clean drapes or dust the blinds that may have accumulated layers of dust. You may want to also consider renting a carpet cleaner if you have rugs that need a refresh. In the kitchen and the bathroom, tackle walls, cabinets and backsplashes - just a little warm water and mild detergent will do!
Don’t forget about the outside of your home, since the winter months can take their toll and cause damage or not easily seen wear-and-tear. Examine the exterior to look at the roofing, siding and foundation to see if anything needs to be repaired and set a plan in place to ensure it’s done

This may seem daunting but cleaning out a closet has many benefits. Not only will you clear some space and be able to find things easier but you’ll also feel a large weight lifted off your shoulders, in essence clearing out the closet will clear out your mind! Once you tackle one closet, move on to another and the benefits will abound! If you feel you may need shelving or a new solution explore different options once you rid items you no longer need. 

The way your current office is set up may be a game changer! Take a real evaluation of this space and assess these two important questions - will you actually work in this space (avoid bedrooms, which our minds associate with rest), and any place where there will be few distractions? Ultimately, you want to ensure that the space allows you to work smartly in the amount of time you have. If the space is small, consider vertical shelves or nearby bookcases - but this doesn’t mean you should allow paper and clutter to accumulate. At the end of the day, your office space should be calm and a place where you can be focused. 


While it may be too early in most parts of the country to start planting an outdoor garden, it’s never too early to plan! Or if you’re a city or apartment dweller you may want to consider an indoor garden. To determine what’s right for you, consider your reasons for gardening - if it’s just a hobby or if you want to grow some veggies for your family.  This decision will greatly help determine where you should start and there are many resources online to help you with this. Many plants you can start seeding indoors and then move outside after a few weeks into a protected mini greenhouse or,if you have the space (and the time!), a complete full outdoor garden.

We all can agree that a fresh coat of paint adds a fresh new dimension to any room! Ask yourself - Would any room in your house benefit from a totally new color or just a touchup? The answer is most likely yes. Check out color guides at your local paint store if you’re unsure what color to go with. Try out samples of two colors to make the decision easy! Also, more than just walls you can also tackle painting on other items - cabinets that need a refresh, shelves, furniture or baseboards and trims. Just be sure to finish what you started!



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