Here's Why Household Repair Products Can Be Dangerous to Kids

Household Repair Products Can Be Dangerous To Your Children

Home repairs come with obvious complexities and challenges in the work itself, but hidden dangers also need to be considered. Managing your repair work if you've got kids adds another layer of complication as many products are toxic. We know kids will continue to do what they do best and explore, so it's important to be mindful of the materials you're using and opt for harm-free options.


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Here are reasons why household repair products can be dangerous to kids:



1. Poisonous substances

Toxic and hazardous products present one of the highest risks to your children when doing your home repairs. There are many ways they could come in contact with poisonous substances if you use them in your house. As curious explorers, kids like to find new toys and investigate what's inside, or they could touch walls that have wet-hazardous products on them.

While aiming to keep kids and pets out of work areas, you can also choose products that are non-toxic  and just as effective to mitigate this risk entirely. SafeMend™ is a non-toxic wall mending product specially designed to minimize the risk of toxic products to keep kids and adults safe while repair works are underway.


2. Sharp and heavy tools

The physical shape and qualities of the tools you use present severe dangers for kids. When you leave sharp tools or power tools around, kids may pick up and use the devices while unaware of how they can get hurt. Tools like hammers, nails, and scissors are easy to leave around during your work or when you take a break, and it can only take a moment for kids to get a hold of them.

More people are aware of the dangers of leaving power tools around and plugged in, but they still present a significant risk that you should consider. Heavy equipment, like wheelbarrows and ladders, can easily fall on kids if they're not put away correctly. Kids can gravitate to this equipment because they often look playful and safe. It's essential to ensure you section off the rooms you're working in, unplug everything, and put sharp and heavy tools away or out of reach when you're finished and in breaks.


3. Aerosol sprays

You might use aerosol sprays in repair works. Whether it's an oil, paint, or cleaning product, they present unique dangers to kids. Aerosols are pressurized containers that allow substances to be released conveniently with force. These cans can burst, burn, or explode in adverse conditions and cause some serious consequences if people are nearby. Even when using sprays correctly, toxic mist is in the air, which can easily enter eyes, skin, or mouth.

Educate your kids on the dangers of sprays and how they should always stay well away from them when they see them. Try to use aerosols outside or in well-ventilated areas, and don't leave them in direct sunlight for too long.


4. Fumes from equipment

Fumes are another major hazard for kids because fumes enter the air quickly and aren't easy to identify. When using power tools or motorized equipment, like lawnmowers, ensure that your kids aren't around to breathe in the toxic fumes in the air. Wherever you can, try to do this work outside and in a well-ventilated area.



SafeMend™ , is a household repair product that gives you peace of mind knowing you, your kids and your pets are safe from toxins. Apart from being family friendly, SafeMend™ is mold proof, waterproof and heat resistant.


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