How to prep your home for the holidays

How to Properly Prepare Your Home for The Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to relax with friends and family, and to rejoice in the figurative ( and literal!) warmth of the season. 

To make sure you stay extra cozy this year, be sure to winterize your living spaces. Only Santa should creep in, not a chilly draft! And stockings belong above your fireplace, not as essentials for staying warm!

Here are 3 important ways to get your home winter-ready in time for the holidays.


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Give Your Fireplace the Deep Clean It Deserves

You won't be able to enjoy those comfy fire-lit evenings if there's soot still lurking from the last use. Thoroughly clean your fireplace and flue to ensure your holiday gets that extra crackle of winter magic.

Inspect Your Heating and Hot Water Systems

Check to see that your HVAC system is working properly by testing your thermostat function and electrical connections. Evaluate your water heater, pressure valves, and piping to confirm everything functions as it should. Be sure to carry out routine cleaning to eliminate residue build up or any pipe clogging so your home stays toasty.

Check for Cracks in Interior and Exterior Walls

Assess all window and door frames to uncover any cracks that need fixing. Even if the heat is running and the fireplace is ablaze, a drafty home won't be a merry one! Caulk wherever necessary with an easy-to-use mending agent , and rest easy knowing the frost won't bite.

We hope this holiday season is as warm and cozy as ever. Grab some SafeMend today, and don't let household maintenance get in the way of the joy of the season.

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Happy holidays!

SafeMend™ Team


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