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Run Through This Checklist Whenever Buying a New Home

Buying a home is always an exciting part of anyone’s life. Planting a flag down and saying a place is yours is something every person has aspired to do since the dawn of civilization.

Of course, while it’s pretty exciting to own a home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore any warning signs that might get in the way of a potentially dream purchase. After all, buying the wrong house or apartment could lead to all kinds of maintenance issues down the road, making even the most intelligent investment lose its shine.

To that end, we’ve created this handy checklist to follow through whenever purchasing a new home of your very own. While it’s always recommended to have a professional home inspector on hand to give an accurate assessment, it’s also handy to know what to look for yourself.

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This one is the easiest to check yourself and is pretty straightforward. If you have appliances in your prospective home, then it’s worth it to see what state they’re in before you commit to a purchase. Most modern kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers, are often more expensive to repair than the cost of purchasing a new one, so knowing how much you’re going to get out of these machines is crucial to a frugal home


Structural problems are, in many ways, the most crucial issues your home is likely to face and should be thoroughly investigated.

While walls, floors, and ceilings can be repaired using a non-toxic wall mending agent or grout pen on the fly, more severe issues can leave your home unlivable and worthless if you have to relist the property. Foundations are crucial here as well and will be the first thing a home inspector will consider.


Proper ventilation, water heating, and plumbing are essential for any home and, when properly maintained, will keep your home free from toxic substances quickly and efficiently. However, should these mechanical issues cause issues where air and water can’t easily flow through the house, then problems with mold and residue could arise very quickly.

Avoiding mold build-up in your home is especially important, with certain types of mold leading to critical health issues if exposed long enough.


If your potential property includes a garage, it’s worth it to have the area inspected. Garages need a solid foundation and secure construction to keep you safe and have operational entrances and exits. Failure to have any of these could lead to dangerous build-ups of dust, mold, and unmanageable damage to your walls, something that even the best non-toxic wall spackle won’t be able to fix.


Finally, a home inspector is undoubtedly going to take a good look at your electricals to make sure they’re fully operational before being able to recommend a purchase. From your main service panel to your home’s circuit breakers to the switches and outlets dotted around each room, all of these items are vital parts of any home and can lead to potential fires if poorly maintained by a previous owner.

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