The Latest Wall Paint Trends for 2022

A perfectly smooth finish from using a fantastic wall mending agent can fill anyone with a profound sense of satisfaction. However, much like how boats were not designed to sit in a dock their whole life, a blank wall simply begs to have something painted or mounted to it.

Now, while it can be nice to fill your home with the right décor and latest art/furniture/technology, it won’t mean much if you don’t have the right color of paint to start. Now, sure, you might be asking yourself - “What better color than white?.” But, thankfully, we’re here to tell you there’s more to a wall than simply painting it the same shade of white, or eggshell, that has dominated the homeowner world for decades.

Instead, in today’s blog, we’re going to explore the latest and greatest trends of the past year and delve into the exciting new ways that you can infuse your freshly mended walls with some actual color!

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Milky Tones

Ok, so we lied, but only a little. While it’s true that most home trends have strayed from the blanched days of yesteryear, there is still space in the home for some white walls when the mood calls for it.

Whereas before, white and off-white were used liberally in homes as an easy way to brighten a space and infuse some extra visual room in the house, the trendy goal for white paint is to add a calming, minimalistic flavor to the area. Going for off-white and nude tones that emphasize a softer, milkier, sensation are the perfect way to make your walls feel soft and comfortable.

Combine with some equally tonal décor, such as deep nude colors and golds, and you’ll have turned your home into a beachy getaway in no time!

Greens of the Deep

With a pandemic locking everyone in their homes for the better part of the past 18 months, it seems only fitting that attitudes to painting colors have changed considerably.

Homeowners now look for any way they can make the interior of their home seem less like a sensory deprivation chamber, with the best way to do that being to use natural calming colors. Deep greens and blues are perfect for this and can lower the room’s visual complexity while evoking a feeling of energy and growth.

Deep seafoam and jungle green are the best for these and can create stunning visuals when combined with adventurous décor.

Marble & Stone

For bathrooms, the days of plain white tiles and geometric shapes are long gone.

Bathrooms have changed a lot from the old days, with increasing needs from homeowners to have a space that can feel like a miniature holiday in itself. Luxury textures and tones are crucial to achieving moments of zen, making marble and blue-grey stones textures the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Combine with gold, or rose-gold, fittings, and furniture to create a stunning visual impact.


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