Top 5 Dangerous Household Products you Should Quit Using

Stop Using These Dangerous Household Products In Your Home

If you have ever thought about doing an extra little DIY around the house, you should consider how the products you use contribute to your well-being. Your environment plays a significant role in your health. Using the right products and avoiding nasty ones can help keep you and your family safe.
Companies use fear tactics to influence us into buying their products. But, rarely do these companies explore the long list of chemicals that can cause more harm than good.

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To keep your household safe and toxin-free, Safemend has recommended five items to be mindful when using:

1. Cleaning products

Everyone wants a sparkling clean home that smells amazing and looks bright and clean. The good news is, there are ways to achieve this without using ingredients that cause potential harm to you and the environment. 

Try to avoid cleaning products that contain the following:

These products can cause allergic skin reactions, serious eye irritations, and many other health issues.


2. Perfumes, air fresheners, and protectant sprays

Anything you breathe in can end up in your bloodstream. Various perfumes, air fresheners, and protectant sprays contain hundreds of chemical ingredients. Most of these may contain the chemical phthalates which exist significantly in vinyl flooring and personal care products. This chemical can damage the liver, kidneys, reproductive system, and lungs.

3. Furniture polish and stain removals

Furniture products contain nitrobenzene and phenol. When these substances are absorbed by the skin they can be cancer-causing. The overuse of furniture products can cause a sore throat, stinging of the eyes, and stomach irritation. It’s best to use oil-based polishes and stains that are non-flammable.

4. Cookware

Plastic food containers and non-stick pans are always something to be wary of in every home. Non-stick pans that contain Perfluorooctanoic acid have cancer-causing properties. Plastic containers break down over time which can cause this material to end up in your food. Plastic containers often contain phthalates which can disrupt the human endocrine system. Ditching the plastic for glass and the non-stick for cast iron is a good alternative.

5. ‘Natural ingredients'

The word natural is on almost every product you see. There is a difference between products that are natural and organic. Unlike natural ingredients, organic ingredients have no toxic and persistent pesticides, no synthetic growth hormones, no petroleum-based fertilizers, and no fragrances or perfumes.


It’s not all doom and gloom. There are safe products out there. Finally, some relief! Safemend is a mending agent on the market that is non-toxic and 100% safe to protect yourself, your children, and your pets. 
We believe in transparency, so you can find an extensive list of all the toxic agents we have managed to avoid in our carefully created formula.


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Happy fixing!

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