Why Customers Love SafeMend™ Non-Toxic Wall Mending Agent

The wall repair process shouldn't feel like trial and error. The products you choose to complete home projects should make you feel confident in your abilities, not to mention confident in the effectiveness of the fix. 

We've told you about SafeMend™'s uniquely-formulated, 100% non-toxic ingredients. And we can tout its ease of use and flawless finish all day long. 

The thing is, you don't have to take our word for it! With nearly 3,000 positive reviews of our product online, we thought it would be fun to highlight six of the most common reasons why our customers love SafeMend™, in their own words.


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1. It’s 100% As Advertised

There's always some level of skepticism when trying a new product for the very first time. As Rachel C. explains: "You have probably seen the online adverts for this product and thought...really, does it really do all those repairs that easily? Well, I'm so very happy to say it actually does." 

Derrick I. agrees. "I was skeptical but decided to give it a go," he says. "I had a hairline crack, and wow this stuff is amazing." 

For Andy M., SafeMend™'s ease of use and efficiency was a welcome surprise. "Super simple, just like the ads," he says. "Which is rare."

2.  It Makes Beginners Look Like Pros

"I can't afford to hire every time I need to fix something," says Louise I. "Well, SafeMend™ is absolutely FABULOUS and sooo easy to use. Makes a klutz look like a pro!" 

Fellow customer Gina H. echoes this sentiment. "For a novice, it couldn't have been any easier," she explains. "Love this product!"

3. It’s Magic for Upgrading a Wall of Photos

Don't be daunted by a plethora of old nail holes — just take a page out of Harold K.'s playbook. "I had a wall full of family pictures that became so outdated it was time to clean it up. This little jewel did the job for me...I painted the wall the same color it was and it looks great! Thanks to whoever came up with this little wonder."

4.  It Doesn’t Dry Out and Go to Waste

"Oh man am I glad I came across this," April K. begins. "I moved some pictures and realized there were some nail holes that needed patching. Went to get the small tub I keep around, and it was pretty dried up. I don't use it that much and didn't want to buy another of those things, as so much of it goes to waste." 

Luckily, the tides turned for April when she discovered SafeMend™. "No more digging out of the tub," she says. "You just hold the tube to the wall and squeeze out only as much as you need."

5. It Saves Time and Money

For Samantha W., the time saving was highly beneficial. "This is quick, easy, and does an amazing job of patching holes in drywall," she explains. "I repaired the wall very effectively with minimum effort in less than 5 minutes." 

For Cody A. and Sabrina L., the price was unbeatable. "This is way cheaper than any other options," Cody says. "I recommend this to anyone not wanting to spend a bunch of money to fill a hole in drywall!" notes Sabrina.

And it's not only about the upfront costs of mending agent — customers also tout the value SafeMend™ holds for recouping apartment costs. "I am moving out soon," explains Gary W., "and this came in handy to patch up holes as well as fix minor stuff in order to get my security deposit back."

6. It Inspires You to Find Even More to Repair

Okay, this one's a fun one. We love when home repair tasks transform into pure enjoyment. "SafeMend™ was fun to use and actually worked better than anything I've ever used," says Sandy O. "I began searching out more holes to use it on."

Why not join the ranks of our satisfied customers and start your home repair success story today?

Tackle household fixes with expert precision and total ease by grabbing some  SafeMend™ Non-Toxic Wall Mending Agent.

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Happy fixing!

SafeMend™ Team


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