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Premium Non-Toxic Wall Mending Agent & Spackle

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100% No-risk money back guarantee

  • Ships from the USA
  • 30 Day Returns
  • Secure Payment
  • Non-Toxic & 100% safe

  • Easy, quick & convenient

  • Use it for a variety of projects around the house & outdoors

  • Repairs anything from cracks, peels, bubbling, chalking, & powdering

  • Mold-proof, waterproof & heat resistant

SafeMend™ is Formulated in the US. Each tube covers a 7x7 ft area which is more than any other mending agent on the market!

SafeMend is the only mending agent on the market that is non-toxic and 100% SAFE

Every mending agent out there contains a slew of toxins that are extremely harmful to people, pets, and the environment.
SafeMend is a carefully formulated mending agent that is both Non-Toxic and Effective.

  • NO Methylisothiazolinone (MI)

    NO methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI)

    NO Xylene

    NO Ethyl Acetate

    NO Methylene Chloride

    NO Glycol

    NO Formaldehyde

    NO Benzene

    NO Phenol

    NO Quaternary Ammonium

    NO Carbamates










How Is This Any Different from Others?

Other Alternatives
Spreads well and non-messy
Does not spread well and drops messy clumps all over the place
The perfect fix for both large and small wall flaws
Many are of no good for anything larger than a nail hole
Does not ever shrink
Shrinks a lot after some time
Dries quick but gives enough malleable time for smoothening
Dries too quick without giving working time for smoothening
Made of 100% non-toxic materials
Component chemicals are usually toxic and unsafe for home use
  • 01

    Squeeze out some patch onto the wall flaws

  • 02

    Spread, and scrape off excess with the included FREE Scraper & Nozzle

  • 03

    Let it dry for 4 hours

  • 04

    Sand and paint if necessary


Is SafeMend™ available in different colors?

SafeMend is only available in standard white and blends perfectly with all the standard shades of white paint. Luckily there’s no need for different colors because once SafeMend is applied it can be painted over with any color!

Is SafeMend™ the right choice for my wall or ceiling?

SafeMend is specially formulated to ensure it is compatible with any type of walls or ceilings. Just to name a few it is compatible with: Drywall, Ceramic Tile, Stucco, Plaster, Concrete, Stone Veneer, Brick, Wood. In the extreme rare event SafeMend does not work, we offer a money back guarantee NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Yup that’s how confident we are!

How is SafeMend™ different from any other mending agent on the market?

SafeMend has a unique texture that is meant to be more flexible, durable, resilient, heat-resistant (up to 600F) and 100% waterproof not to mention 100% non-toxic. Once dry, it’s sturdy enough to hold a nail or screw. The repair will be virtually invisible and give a professional look. The best part is it’s 100% safe.

What’re the ingredients and is it cruelty free?

Great question! It is a special formulation of wall glue, resin and carbonate cover that is 100% non-toxic and completely safe to use. It’s carefully formulated to be 100% waterproof, mold proof, non-corrosive, non-toxic, cruelty free, perfectly safe for kids, pets and chemically-sensitive individuals.

  • (FREE Scraper & Nozzle included)